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Let's Pass a Transportation Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WALZ of Minnesota. The American public deserves better. They deserve more from their Congress. The sacrifices that so many millions of Americans have given, whether it's in military service or service to this Nation, to allow us to stand here and self-govern ourselves needs to be repaid with maybe the words of Daniel Webster above us up there: Let's do something great in our time. The differences this Nation has is what makes us strong--differences of opinion. But compromise and common purpose is the glue that hold us together.

If there's anything that we can agree upon, it's that this Nation should have a world-class transportation system to move people and goods in an efficient, effective manner. And we're sitting here not passing a transportation bill. We have never had this problem in this Congress. The last five transportation bills have passed with an average of 375 bipartisan votes. We have a bill that passed the Senate 100 days ago that passed with a 74 22 vote. I'm not sure they can agree it's Tuesday in the Senate, and they compromised on a transportation bill.

I urge my colleagues here, either get the compromise done this week or bring the Senate bill forward and let us vote up or down to put America back to work and do something great in our time.

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