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Issue Position: Real Health Care Reform Begins With the Patient's Needs

Issue Position

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I've voted against the implementation and been steadfast in opposition to ObamaCare. Its higher costs, cuts to Medicare, deeper debt, fewer choices and government mandates defy economic common sense and violate religious and moral beliefs.

In a series of town-hall meetings across the Fourth Congressional District I listened to the people--the patients--about what they knew needed reform in our healthcare system. It did not include putting bureaucrats between us and our doctors. It did not include driving our children and grandchildren so deep in debt they might never recover. It did not include breaking our promises to citizens who depend on Medicare. It did not include having health decisions made for us by people in Washington, D.C.

I join with the people of this district who seek real reform that will lower costs, increase competition, provide affordable insurance for pre-existing conditions, expand coverage, and preserve the right for us as patients to see the doctor of our choice. ObamaCare is not only bad in its own right, it has also cost us the opportunity to implement real reforms that could be saving us money and expanding care and options for us today.

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