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Issue Position: Recovery Begins With Jobs

Issue Position

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I work every day to create an America where jobs will grow and flourish. Where more and more of our neighbors can find the family supporting job they seek.

The government does not create jobs, but it certainly kills them and makes the creation of new jobs more difficult. The President's failed so-called stimulus bill has been an albatross to jump-starting the job creation engine of the private sector. The nearly doubling of gas prices caused in large part by the extremist energy views of this administration has smothered recovery. Their support for Cap and Trade is a storm cloud for employers as job creators know it would nearly double their utility bills and kill thousands of jobs in Missouri alone. ObamaCare not only fails to improvee health coverage and cut costs, it has placed a huge cloud of uncertainty over the economy that has delayed investments in capital and equipment that are needed to jump-start the economy and get a full jobs recovery.

I have voted for efforts to cut red-tape and needless regulations. I sponsored the new law that will prevent unneeded government regulations from drying-up the availability of credit Main Street employers need to create new jobs.

Our national greatness is dependent on our people being free to build their dreams into reality. This is the America we were given by our parents. We must never accept leaving our children a land of less opportunity, less freedom, less security and less promise for potential good.

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