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Issue Position: Stop Runaway Spending to Start Long Term Prosperity

Location: Unknown

I said I would go to Washington to "fix what is broken." That's what I have done.

I co-sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment to end the runaway spending in Washington.

I've voted against the implementation and been steadfast in opposition to ObamaCare. Its higher costs, cuts to Medicare, deeper debt, fewer choices and government mandates defy economic common sense and violate religious and moral beliefs.

I have even stood against leaders in my own Party when I saw they were not doing everything possible to rein in out-of-control spending that already places over $35,000 of debt on each new American at birth.

Basic common sense tells us we cannot spend ourselves rich. We must stop squandering the future of our children and grandchildren. It is not compassionate or intelligent to bury the next generation in debt so we can live beyond our means today.

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