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Critz Introduces Measure to Force Action on a Transportation Bill; Current Law Expires June 30, 2012


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Mark S. Critz (PA-12) put the House of Representatives on notice that he will offer a Motion to Instruct Conferees today on the transportation reauthorization bill to "resolve all issues and file a conference report not later than June 28, 2012."

"Today marks the 1,000th day since the expiration of the last transportation bill," said Congressman Critz. "Since that time, Congress has passed nine extension bills, creating a swarm of uncertainty for infrastructure projects and costing American jobs. We have been working on a new transportation bill for nearly two months, and we must complete this work by tomorrow so that the House and Senate can pass a new bill before the current law expires on June 30th."

Last night on the House Floor, Congressman Critz made it clear to Members that he would be offering this motion today in order to force a compromise between the House and Senate before the current law expires. The Critz Motion to Instruct Conferees (attached) states, "that the managers on the part of the House…resolve all issues and file a conference report not later than June 28, 2012."

"This is about jobs and about keeping America competitive in the world," added Congressman Critz. "We are at the height of construction season and a new transportation bill would invest billions-of-dollars into our crumbling infrastructure while putting hundreds of thousands of Americans to work. We cannot wait any longer - let us show the American people that we can work together and pass a new transportation bill."

Last Friday, Congressman Critz joined dozens of constituents at a rally in Somerset to urge Congress to pass a new transportation bill.

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