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E-Newsletter 6/28/12


Location: Unknown

Supreme Court ruling a "bitter disappointment"
In response to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare, today I reaffirmed my commitment to the full repeal of the President's health care law. The President's law infringes upon personal freedoms, increases health care costs, and saddles small businesses with crippling taxes. In Georgia alone, the law will cost taxpayers an extra $4.83 billion over 10 years.

Simply put, I am confounded by the Supreme Court's decision. The President and Congressional Democrats repeatedly and steadfastly denied that Obamacare was a tax, yet that is exactly what the Court has deemed it. In doing so, the Court did indeed rewrite the statute and engage in judicial tax-writing, as the dissenting opinion states. I believe that this disappointing ruling will be disastrous for our health care system, patients, and physicians. As a Congressman, a physician, and most importantly, as an American, my top priority will remain the full repeal of President Obama's health care law. Health care decisions must remain between health care providers and their patients, and out of the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

Holding Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress
I voted with my House colleagues today to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in both civil and criminal contempt of Congress.

Given that the Attorney General has admitted to misleading Congressional investigators in February of 2011, withholding key evidence from the investigators, and by allowing thousands of weapons to be transferred to Mexico for use by drug cartels and criminals, I am once again renewing my call for his resignation.

With the volatile situation on the southern border, we cannot afford the continued path of avoidance, denial, and non-compliance with the law. It is unconscionable that the federal government is, on the one hand, completely neglecting its responsibility to protect our Southwest border, while on the other, exacerbating the problem with ill-advised law enforcement tactics.

Those responsible for the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry must be held responsible. We cannot allow Obama administration bureaucrats to stand in the way of justice. Agent Terry's family, and indeed all Americans, deserve answers. We must do everything in our power to ensure this tragedy does not happen again.

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