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China's One-Child Policy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, last week, I received an extremely disturbing report about China's one-child policy from China's central Shaanxi province. Feng Jianmei was 7 months pregnant and home alone when she was abducted by government family planning officials. She was taken to a hospital and bound while her child was administered a powerful poison. After she gave birth to her dead child, without the aid of painkillers, the baby was then left beside her on the hospital bed, as shown in this picture. Her husband is a common worker, who has no recourse for the crime that has been perpetrated on his wife and child. Family planning officials in Shaanxi took this gruesome step in order to meet their quotas under China's brutal one-child policy. This is further evidence that government officials routinely take extreme measures to enforce China's barbaric one-child policy.

It's a human rights issue. It's far past time that the Chinese government stop this terrible repression and end the destruction of lives. I call on Secretary Clinton to condemn this policy in the strongest terms.

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