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House Passes Legislation to Increase American Energy Production, Create Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

The House has passed H.R. 4480, the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act with bipartisan support. The bill is a package of legislation aimed at reducing energy costs for American families and creating American jobs by boosting American energy production. Essentially, the bill freezes costly regulations on the energy industry, streamlines the permitting process for energy companies, and opens up federal lands for more oil and natural gas production. Congressman Westmoreland is also proud to announce an amendment he introduced to the legislation was adopted and passed with the bill.

"The number one issue on everyone's mind right now is jobs," stated Westmoreland. "By increasing the production of American energy, we can create jobs. We've all heard about the boomtown in North Dakota created by their success with fracking. North Dakota is now the largest producer of domestic oil in the country. And they have a 3 percent unemployment rate -- a rate so low even at the best of times it would be considered great. Even better, this legislation gives you two for the price of one. In addition to creating countless jobs, this legislation will increase American energy production. By increasing the supply of American-made energy in this country, we are decreasing our reliance on foreign oil and decreasing the cost of energy on American families."

The congressman's amendment to H.R. 4480 would reduce burdensome and expensive regulations on deli-style display cases by separating these cases into their own product classification. Currently, these refrigerators must pass the efficiency test of conventional refrigerators, called reach-ins. Deli display cases, in comparison, are designed to make their products highly visible - they require more glass and lighting than conventional reach-ins. Therefore, their design makes it impossible to reach the minimum efficiency standards that they currently must meet. Creating a separate product classification for these deli-style display cases will lessen the regulatory burden that manufacturers across the country are facing.

"This regulation by the Department of Energy has the potential to affect up to 8,500 jobs across the United States," stated Westmoreland. "And almost 1,200 of those jobs are in my district in Georgia. At a time when 13 million Americans are unemployed and even more are underemployed or have simply given up hope, we must do everything we can to save the jobs people currently have. This is a simple fix -- and it has bipartisan support. I am so pleased my colleagues joined me in supporting my amendment and that it will be included in the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act."

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