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Obamacare Now Largest Tax Increase in U.S. History


Location: Washington, DC

The United States Supreme Court upheld Obamacare's individual mandate, justifying it as a tax rather than an exercise of the Commerce Clause. The court's 5 -- 4 ruling keeps the majority of Obamacare intact as well as introducing the single largest tax in the history of the country. Today's decision allows Obamacare's 20 separate taxes, totaling half a trillion dollars, to take effect next year, plus additional costs of $1.76 trillion.

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis issued the following statement in response to the court's decision:

"My main focus is to repeal this law. Today's unfortunate court decision is far from the final word on Obamacare. In November's general election the American people must weigh in. Never before has this government forced its citizens to purchase a product. Never before have our health care decisions been in the hands of non-elected bureaucrats in the federal government. Never before has our country been levied a tax of this size.

"Our Founding Fathers limited the government and empowered citizens because the people always know best, particularly when it comes to something as personal as one's healthcare. An Administration willing to usurp this much power out from underneath its citizens has no limits to the boundaries they are willing to cross.

"Either Americans can take back their country this fall by electing people who will repeal Obamacare, or Americans will give up their rights. The courts got it wrong and wrote a blank check for federal overreach under the federal taxing power, but that doesn't mean we've lost the opportunity to make it right."

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