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Issue Position: Restoring Fiscal Responsibility in Government and Trust in Our Financial System

Issue Position

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After years of fiscal mismanagement, we are facing a major budgetary crisis. The time has come to restore fiscal transparency and responsibility in Congress, and bring the skills needed to do it. At the same time we must restore trust and integrity to our financial system. This means better oversight of financial institutions and more balance between the needs of communities, working men and women, and those of the financial sector.

We need a modern day Glass Steagall to protect our economy against the recklessness and greed of Wall Street.

For far too many working families today, a safe and secure retirement is out of their reach. I believe those who have worked hard their whole life deserve the promises made to them after their years of service and work. We need to look at innovative and new policies to turn back the trend of employers rolling back or eliminating retirement benefits. We should be making it easier for employers to help their workers build a secure retirement.

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