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Statement by Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay (D) Missouri Regarding United States Supreme Court Ruling on the Health Care Reform Law


Location: Unknown

"I am extremely pleased by the Court's ruling that the health care reform law is constitutional. This is not a political triumph, but a victory for the American people. I was, and continue to be, a proud cosponsor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I wholeheartedly believe in making quality health care available to and affordable for all Americans, and am encouraged that the Supreme Court agrees.

This ruling is significant. Insurance premiums will not increase, and health care costs for all of us will continue to be reined in. Most importantly, tens of millions of Americans will gain health insurance. That is the true victory.

This is also a big win for those who currently have health insurance. Individuals with pre-existing conditions will not face unaffordable premiums, and insurance companies will not be able decline to cover them. Parents will continue to be able to cover their children aged nineteen through twenty-six under their insurance plans. Seniors will not be forced to choose between paying for their prescription drugs -- at astronomical prices -- or buying food or heating their homes this winter.

I look forward to full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, when quality, affordable health care coverage will be available for all."

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