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Congressman Rick Berg Calls for Full Repeal and Meaningful Health Care Reform as Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rick Berg released the following statement regarding the ruling by the United States Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare.

"The simple fact remains: the massive government takeover of health care that President Obama forced on the American people is not the right approach," said Berg. "Seventy percent of North Dakotans did not want this $1.7 trillion government takeover of health care that cuts Medicare by $500 billion, places a panel of bureaucrats in control of Medicare payments, creates billions in new taxes on American families, and passes down a legacy of debt to our children and grandchildren. I will continue to fight back against President Obama's massive government overreach and work on behalf of North Dakota to put patients and their doctors -- not government bureaucrats -- back in control of their health care decisions."

Public opinion has been critical of Obamacare. According to a poll conducted by The New York Times earlier this month, over two thirds of Americans wanted the Supreme Court to overturn some or all of Obamacare. One of Berg's first votes as a Congressman was to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. He also voted on the House floor 30 times to repeal, dismantle and defund individual portions of Obamacare.

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