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In Wake of Court Ruling, Mack Introduces Two Bills to Halt All Implementation of ObamaCare and Repeal It


Location: Washington, DC

Following the ruling today by the Supreme Court on ObamaCare, Congressman Connie Mack introduced two pieces of legislation that would repeal the law in its entirety and block funding for the law's implementation.

Mack said:

"This morning I have introduced two pieces of legislation -- one to repeal ObamaCare and the other to block any federal dollars from being used to implement any portions of the law prior to its repeal.

"Today's Supreme Court decision doesn't change the underlying fact that ObamaCare is an abomination of the role of government in our lives. It must be repealed and it must be repealed now."

"ObamaCare must be stopped, repealed and never allowed to happen again."

The bills are: the "NObamacare Act" and the "NObamacare Funds Act."

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