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Stearns: "The Supreme Court Voted Today to Uphold Obamacare, But the Real Decision Will Be on November 6th When the American People Vote"


Location: Washington, DC

"Although I'm deeply disappointed by this Supreme Court decision, the fight now moves to repealing Obamacare, which means we must defeat President Obama and assemble majorities in the House and Senate to carry out the people's will," said Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL). "The American people now will face a massive tax increase that started as a mandate, and this tax will fall disproportionately on the working class. This intrusion in our healthcare decisions is increasing healthcare costs, and it will force employers to abandon their private insurance coverage for government-run insurance exchanges and will cut $500 billion from Medicare. In talking to business owners throughout north central Florida, they repeat what is heard around the nation, that Obamacare makes them less likely to hire people. This highly unpopular law will continue to deter job creation in America and weaken any economic recovery. While repealing this onerous law, we must proceed with promoting the affordability and the availability of quality healthcare for all Americans through free market principles."

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