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Royce Reacts to Supreme Court Health Care Ruling


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) issued the following statement in reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on the President's health care law:

"I am extremely disappointed in today's ruling.

"The President's health care bill, one of the most intrusive bills this nation has ever seen, was a huge step toward a Washington-controlled health care system that rations care, limits choice, and reduces quality, innovation, and competition.

"Today's disappointing ruling means it is now on Congress to reform the most egregious aspects of this law. In its current form the President's health care law is bad news for patients, doctors and small businesses.

"This law fails to deliver the reforms needed to fix the health care system, while creating a massive new entitlement program. The $2 trillion price tag (and rising) is "paid for" by taxpayers (who will see more than half a trillion in new taxes) and seniors (who will see $500 billion in cuts from Medicare), as well as by adding to the deficit.

"The Administration's approach -- reckless spending and government takeovers -- is driving up health care costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire.

"This health care law has already broken a number of promises. Nonpartisan researchers have found that millions of Americans will lose their insurance coverage; so if you like your coverage, you can't keep it. Premiums continue to rise, despite promises to reduce them by up to $2,500 per family, per year. The 4 million jobs promised by Pelosi have failed to come to fruition. In fact, the law's enactment has contributed to our sluggish economy and high unemployment rate.

"Americans want the freedom and opportunity to make health care choices for their family. I am committed to working with my colleagues to achieve this objective by repealing this flawed law and beginning work on common sense solutions to lower health care costs."

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