Buerkle: Healthcare Law is Still Bad Policy


By:  Ann Marie Buerkle
Date: June 28, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court of the United States' (SCOTUS) ruling to uphold President Obama's healthcare law.

"Today's Supreme Court ruling does not mark the end of the discussion on healthcare reform, rather it signifies the beginning of the next step in the process of true healthcare reform.

"The Supreme Court rules on constitutionality, not whether a law is good policy. Despite the Court's ruling, the majority of the President's healthcare law is still bad policy. It is bad for patients, healthcare providers, and businesses.

"The fight for effective healthcare reform continues. I came to Washington to remove government from the lives of the American people and I will continue to work to that end. We undoubtedly need healthcare reform in this country, but not in the way it was enacted under the President's law.

"The President's healthcare law was a bloated and partisan bill that was developed behind closed doors and voted on in the middle of the night. That is not how America's democratic process was intended to function. Congress needs to continue to fight to repeal this broken law so that we can move forward in developing true healthcare reform through an open and transparent process which includes the American people in the discussion.

"I encourage all of my constituents to contact my office and share their vision for healthcare reform going forward. Healthcare reform that benefits the American people cannot be developed without input from the American people."

Representative Buerkle encourages her constituents to weigh in on their opinion of the Supreme Court's decision by participating in her "Where Do You Stand?" poll on her website www.buerkle.house.gov.

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