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Upholding the Constitution: The Affordable Care Act


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The Supreme Court decision is right for America. It affirms the right of every American to have access to health insurance that is affordable. It affirms that we are moving toward a system where no one can be left out.

A child with a preexisting condition is afforded equal respect to one who has no such challenge;

Young people up to the age of 28 in Ohio can remain on their parents' insurance plans, and are not left out as before;

Senior citizens will pay less for prescription drugs, so far saving $164 million in Ohio;

Being a woman will no longer mean you are second class in health services;

And owners and employees of small business -- which constitute half the uninsured in our country -- will finally, get a chance to access affordable plans off a private insurance exchange.

This decision keeps America moving forward. We are a CAN DO nation, not a nation of naysayers. Now, let us get on with the task of building our economy and the jobs that will result from certainty about health insurance access and affordability.

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