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Supreme Court Rules -- Obamacare Tax Hike on the Middle Class


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of the Democrats' health reform law:

"Although the U.S. Supreme Court deemed the individual mandate constitutional as a "tax,' that doesn't mean it is good policy. I specifically asked then-Chair of the President's Council of Economic Advisors, Austan Goolsbee, if the individual mandate in Obamacare amounted to a tax. He denied it. However, the Supreme Court just determined the individual mandate is a tax. President Obama promised over and over again he would not raise taxes on the middle class, yet the individual mandate is just one of 22 new tax increases in Obamacare amounting to a $569.2 billion tax hike.

"This ruling dramatically expands Congress's ability to levy new taxes. If Congress can compel Americans to purchase health insurance by taxing those that don't, what else can Congress do? Can they encourage the use of electric cars by placing massive taxes on gasoline-powered cars? It seems the Supreme Court says "yes.'

"Unless we fully repeal this new entitlement program, millions of American families will lose their health coverage and will be forced onto government-run plans. Seniors will suffer as half a trillion dollars will be cut from Medicare. Burdensome regulations on small businesses are set to go into effect, limiting growth and raising the cost of doing business. The $1.8 trillion price tag over 10 years will drive up our debt and the cost of health care, punishing our children and our grandchildren who are forced to foot the bill.

"I will continue to work to fully repeal this government take-over of health care and replace it with common sense measures that will lower the cost of health care while preserving patient choice. We've already passed and President Obama has signed into law the repeal of nine provisions of this massive 3,000 page law. We have much more work to do to keep our promise of access to more affordable health care."

Congressman Tiberi believes Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care that keeps patients and doctors in charge of health care decisions, not the government. Congressman Tiberi believes:

· Health care reform should actually lower the cost of health care while preserving access and patient choice.

· People with pre-existing conditions should have access to coverage and no one should be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. State high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions should be expanded.

· Children should be able to stay on their parents' insurance plans until the age of 26. In Ohio, children may stay on their parents' plans until the age of 28, a measure that was put in place before Obamacare.

· Families should be able to make their own choices in health care, visit the doctor of their choice, and receive the health care they and their doctor feel is best. Those decisions shouldn't be made by Washington bureaucrats.

· A person should be able to keep their health coverage if they lose their job, change jobs, or move to another state.

· Healthcare reform should include wellness and preventative measures.

· Individuals and small businesses should be able to band together and to receive the same health benefits as large companies.

· If you like the healthcare plan you currently have, you should be able to keep it.

· Healthcare plans should be able to be purchased across state lines to increase access and lower the cost.

· Lawsuit reform is an important element in healthcare reform to decrease the cost of defensive medicine.

· Healthcare reform should be done in a fiscally responsible way. We shouldn't bury our children in mountains of debt. There's a way we can reform healthcare without putting our children's financial future in jeopardy.

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi represents Ohio's 12th Congressional District which is comprised of Delaware County and portions of Franklin and Licking Counties. He sits on the Ways & Means Committee where he chairs the Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee that has jurisdiction over issues like taxes, Medicare, and Social Security.

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