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Woolsey Salutes Supreme Court Health Care Decision; Calls for Medicare for Everyone


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Rep. Lynn Woolsey released the following statement following the announcement of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act:

"I am grateful that the Supreme Court put partisanship aside and affirmed the will of the people, as expressed through their elected representatives in Congress and the White House.

"Of course, our struggle isn't over. Republicans in Congress will still try to dismantle the Affordable Care Act piece by piece. They still don't get it. They are still nostalgic for the old, broken health care system that left millions without coverage; bankrupted families and small businesses; and put the middle class at the mercy of the insurance industry.

"What we need now is to build on health care reform. We need to finish the job, with an even bolder and more ambitious plan. For nearly a half century, Medicare has provided health security to older Americans and those with disabilities in a fair and cost-efficient way. It's time to give every American those same benefits. Let's move now to pass Medicare Part "E' -- "Medicare for Everyone.'"

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