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Barton "Shocked, Disappointed" by ObamaCare Decision, Vows to Repeal Law


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington), a leader in the fight against ObamaCare, issued the following statement after the Supreme Court's controversial ruling:

"I'm shocked. I'm stunned. And I'm extremely disappointed. This is a sad day for the Constitution. The government can now tax not only your income, but also tax your behavior. Where does it stop? If the government can use taxation to force you to obtain health insurance, they can force you to obtain anything. This is a dangerous precedent which could fundamentally change the direction of our nation.

"The Supreme Court's ruling doesn't alter the facts of ObamaCare. It only confirms what I have been saying since this 2,700 page bill was passed in the dark of night - it raises taxes on EVERYONE, hurts the economy and limits Americans' health care choices.

"Republicans in the House will soon vote again to repeal this law and this effort will have my full support. I believe it must be thrown out and replaced with market based solutions that give patients more choice -- not less.

"This decision clearly raises the stakes in November. The choice has never been more clear. The fate of ObamaCare will ultimately be decided at the ballot box by you."

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