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Flores Statement on Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling


Location: Washington, DC

Today, the United States Supreme Court presented its ruling that upholds Obamacare. Following the news of the ruling, Congressman Bill Flores (R-Texas) issued the following statement:

"The Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare is disappointing. It is important to note that the Court would not have been put into the position of having to review this legislation if the last Congress, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had not passed this 2,700 page monstrosity in the middle of the night. Furthermore, the Court would not have had to review it if President Obama had not proposed to take-over the American health care system as one of his key initiatives. This is a sad day for America -- a day when big government tramples American freedoms and our liberties.

"When this legislation was passed and signed into law, Democrats said it would create jobs, lower costs and enable you to keep your own plan and doctor. We now know that these claims are false. As the federal government has begun to implement pieces of Obamacare, we have recently learned that it would have cost an astounding $1.8 trillion, nearly double its original price tag. This ill-conceived legislation is also driving up healthcare costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire workers.

"When I came to Congress, one of my first priorities was work to repeal and replace Obamacare. Since being sworn in, I have voted 30 times to repeal, defund, or dismantle the Democrat takeover of health care.

"Congress must continue to work to fully repeal Obamacare and to facilitate reform of our health care system with the objectives of increasing healthcare access, lowering costs, and improving the stability of this important segment of our economy. We will be diligent and we will focus on private-sector solutions with inputs from patients, health care providers and health insurance providers. Americans deserve common-sense health care reforms that increase access to affordable, high quality care which strengthens the doctor-patient relationship and which gives American consumers a say in their health care."

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