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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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Jobs are Jay's #1 priority. We have all seen friends, family, and neighbors lose their jobs, savings, and homes. This is unacceptable. Jay will work tirelessly to make sure that anyone who wants a job can find one that pays well. We can't hope to solve our economic and fiscal problems without tackling the jobs problem. There are a few things I would do right away to create a fresh supply of jobs at home.

Make America More Competitive -- To bring businesses back home from overseas, and jobs along with them, we need to make the business climate more friendly. By lowering the corporate tax rate and tying incentives to job creation at home, we can attract new businesses and encourage those who have left to return. Jay will fight to rebuild America's manufacturing base while ending unfair loopholes and taxpayer giveaways that encourage U.S. companies to ship jobs overseas.

Launch a High Tech Export Offensive -- We've all heard about the budget deficit, but just as important is the trade deficit. When we import more goods than we export, we are propping up other economies at the expense of our own. We need to launch a high-tech export offensive. The Small Business Administration and the Export-Import Bank need to be re-tooled to work with the Commerce Department. Together, they should provide a one-stop-shop for businesses that need help to expand into export markets.¹

Accelerate the Commercialization of Government Technologies -- We need to streamline and expedite the commercialization of technologies developed by NASA, the weapons labs, and the Department of Energy. There are many declassified discoveries than can and should be commercialized with little difficulty and relatively small entrance barriers.

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