Issue Position: Transportation

Issue Position

By:  Judy Clibborn
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

As state Transportation Chair I often look at the needs of the whole state. It is part of my job to keep Washington Moving. That means I look for projects that are important in connecting all parts of the state and the economy.

That does not mean that I have not been busy in our district. We actually have important transportation projects in and neighboring out district that are vital to us all. The 520 bridge is moving forward and will continue to be a subject of conversation as we move forward on funding the West side of that bridge. The Viaduct replacement moves forward with a tunnel that has implications for the region and the state. Freeing up the downtown waterfront for Seattle and protecting access to the Port of Seattle is important for our economy as well as our future aesthetics. I-405 will be moving forward with HOT lanes to help fund the complete corridor. Innovative funding and new management of congestion will make this highway into a great facility to move people and goods in the future, giving alternatives to a crowded I-5.

Although the state does not have much to do with Sound Transit, we have an oversight role that continues to watch the new East Link decisions and supporting the role of transit in our future.

Using our gas tax dollars to complete the projects promised has been exciting. I am proud of the role taken to complete the projects on time and under budget in many cases. That does not mean we can rest. There is much to do and the current dollars are bonded into the future for 25 years. You will hear from me and other leaders about these needs and the new projects that are needed to keep our state competitive with the rest of the nation and world.

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