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Christensen Hails Supreme Court Decision Upholding the Affordable Care Act


Location: Washington, DC

"The people of the United States and the Virgin Islands have won," said Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen upon hearing that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act by a vote of 5-4 on Thursday morning.

"They now have better access to more affordable health care, the nations unsustainable health care spending will be controlled, and we will be a stronger, more productive, competitive country," she said.

Congresswoman Christensen said that the Affordable Care Act is already paying dividends for millions of Americans -- with more to come:

* Children can no longer be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

* Seniors are paying less for prescription drugs.

* Students and young adults can stay on their parents' plans.

* Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing medical condition.

"For Virgin Islanders, the increase of our Medicaid dollars to almost $40 million a year in the Affordable Care Act is protected and we can move forward to get the cap entirely lifted," she said. "We know that challenges to health care reform will continue throughout this highly charged election year, but all of my colleagues who believe in the health care law will continue to fight for its complete implementation."

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