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Lieberman Statement on the Supreme Court Decision


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

"I am pleased by the Supreme Court's decision upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which I supported," Lieberman said. "Now that the constitutional debate surrounding the ACA has been resolved, Congress should closely monitor the implementation of the law to ensure that it is fiscally sustainable in the future. There are many outstanding issues surrounding this law that will demand Congress' attention in the years ahead, including the accommodation of religious concerns and sticking to commitments to cut health care delivery costs. Finally, it is imperative that we take the extremely important steps that are necessary to bring our nation's spiraling debt under control and reform critical health care programs like Medicare to ensure that the benefits they provide remain available to future generations of Americans."

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