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Issue Position: Reforming Government Programs

Issue Position

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Create efficiency and excellence in Education, Health care and Transportation by implementing proven, market-driven solutions.


Georgia has the potential to be the most improved state in the country with respect to education, but it will take strong leadership to make this happen. We need to ensure that Georgia's laws support local control, individual responsibility (parent involvement), and free-market principles. Integrating these principles into our K-12 school systems will ensure higher student achievement. I support charter schools because when parents and the community come together, using their experience, passion and energy to create a school, that is local control, individual responsibility, and the free-market in action! I support digital learning because students are unique, and they learn at different rates. Digital learning will allow an advanced 11th grader to begin taking AP courses while still in high school. Additionally, this will allow the other students, who may need more attention, to receive more instruction. Lastly, digital learning will allow our country's best teachers to teach our students, regardless of where those teachers live. I support merit pay for teachers because we should reward our best, not just our most experienced. I support the reduction of regulations for our teachers. As in business, useless regulations deter innovation and ingenuity, which are essential to increasing student achievement in the classroom.

For businesses to relocate to Georgia or to grow here, we must prepare our high school graduates to think critically and understand the competitive nature of business. This will ensure they are ready to continue the specific training they will need to join our well-trained work force or be ready for success in college.


From Atlanta's beginnings as the intersection of two railroad lines to the thriving metropolis it is today, transportation has been key to Atlanta's and Georgia's thriving economies. The TIA is out for a vote to the Metro Area on July 31st, but whether it passes or not, we need legislators that are committed to investing in our transportation infrastructure. Of all the state departments that have a direct impact on Georgia's economy, transportation is our most underfunded department. For Georgia's economy to continue to grow, we MUST invest in transportation infrastructure that will reduce traffic congestion and allow goods to move to and through our cities. With our budgets tight, we cannot afford to spend our tax dollars on transportation projects that do not solve our challenges of congestion. We need to focus transportation planning on increasing mobility, and we need to facilitate public-private partnerships in our improvements. We know that there will be need to be increased capacity inside the perimeter, so we should plan for that. We must plan for the expediting of truck traffic as the Savannah port will continue to grow and we need to be ready for that. We need to focus on transit options that can compete with automobiles. People do not get out of their cars unless there is an option that is just as convenient as a car. With urban sprawl as it is in the metro area, transit rail does not currently provide that convenience. We also must deregulate the urban transit market to improve service and choice and reduce the role of the federal government in the transportation funding equation. No one can argue that our state and our community desperately needs to reform transportation. But this diverse state needs leaders who can pull people together to find market driven solutions that don't break the bank. Investing in transportation is an investment in our future. I will make sure that that the investments not only relieve congestion, but that they also do not waste our tax dollars.


I understand the key to effective and efficient medical care is the doctor-patient relationship. This is a consumer-based relationship, not a one-size-fits-all approach. The government involvement in health care has led us down the road of excessive regulation, untenable costs, and the removal of free-market principles. It has brought about immoral mandates that have created a system where no one is happy, doctors do not answer to patients but to insurance companies, and insurance is expensive to get and difficult to maintain. This leads politicians acquiescing to corporate interests rather than the best interests of the consumer (patients).

The answer to our health care crisis lies in freedom and choice -- not government force. As your State Senator, I will fight to put you back in control of your health care decisions, save you money on medical expenses, and institute reforms that will make Georgia's health care system the standard for our nation to follow. In Georgia, we must encourage the adoption of consumer-based health care plans so that traditional market forces can influence the cost of medical services as they now influence and control the cost of virtually all other commodities. For this to be effective, consumers need to have access to medical cost and efficacy information, so they can make the most informed consumer decision. We must also reform our tort laws, so that medical liability does not excessively influence the cost and availability of medical care in Georgia.

I will work in the State Senate to:

*Repeal ObamaCare and end its unconstitutional mandate that all Americans must carry only government-approved health insurance or answer to the IRS.
The best healthcare solutions are market-driven and consumer-based. They are not driven by increased government involvement. There is no more egregious example of this overreach than ObamaCare. Bottom-line, ObamaCare must be repealed before it continues to harm our economy and health-care system. ObamaCare must be repealed entirely. If that does not happen, it must be repealed piece-by-piece. And if that fails, it must be defunded.
In Georgia, we need leaders promoting free-market, pro-patient health care reforms to provide quality health care that does bankrupt our state or overburden our taxpayers.

*Allow purchase of health insurance across state lines.

*Provide tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses.

*Exempt those with terminal illnesses from the employee portion of payroll taxes while they are suffering from such illnesses or are incurring significant medical costs associated with their conditions.

*Give a payroll deduction to any worker who is the primary caregiver for a spouse, parent, or child with a terminal illness.

*Tort reform

*Guarantee that what is taken from taxpayers to pay for Medicare and Medicaid is not raided for other purposes.

*Make all Americans eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and remove government-imposed barriers to obtaining HSAs.

*Stop the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from interfering with Americans' knowledge of and access to dietary supplements and alternative treatments.

*Establish a safety net for Georgia's uninsured.

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