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Issue Position: Cutting Taxes and Wasteful Spending

Issue Position

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Reduce Corporate and Income taxes, cap property taxes, and reduce wasteful spending.

Cutting Taxes:

We need to reduce Georgian's tax burden. Taxes should be fair, flat and simple, and I believe that the best tax would tax consumed income once and only once at a flat rate. We need to eliminate the income tax in Georgia, and I will propose legislation that will do so on the day I am sworn in. I will consider supporting any tax reform that broadens the tax base and lowers marginal tax rates.

We need to cap tax reassessments on real property, and we should implement a phased reduction in property tax along with an increase in sales tax. We need to work with Fulton County to enact legislation that establishes the school-tax exemption for Fulton residents 62 and older as it is in Cobb County. We need to repeal the state income tax as it is a tax not on the wealthy, but on producing wealth. We should leave the tax on vehicles the same. We should tax consumption rather than capital and earnings.

Reigning in Spending:

We have a balanced budget in Georgia, but we still have work to do reduce wasteful spending. I support zero-based budgeting. We need to look at our wasteful spending in areas where the government has a history of failure. I will fight for real tax and expenditure limits, while pushing for proactive revenue forecasting. It is one thing to look at this year's budget and cut where we have to, but leadership is about preparing for the future. We must look years down the road in order to put Georgia in a position for great growth. I will fight the status-quo, which does not look at your tax dollars as your dollars but as the government's money to spend as they see fit. I will fight for you to keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.

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