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Kyl Statement on Supreme Court's Obamacare Ruling


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl made the following statement today in response to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Obama's health law:

"For over two years, the president's health law has remained highly unpopular with the American people -- particularly the mandate to purchase health insurance and other tax hikes. Because the Supreme Court did not strike down the most onerous provisions, it appears that the American people themselves will have to overturn the law by the choices they make in November's election. We need to listen to the people to see what they would like; then, Congress can replace the flawed law with reforms that ensure Americans have health care that is affordable with a doctor of their choice and without increased taxes, mandates, and rationing.

"It hardly matters to the American citizens that the requirement to buy government defined insurance cannot be justified under the Commerce Clause if it can be justified as a "tax.' Forcing people to buy something and penalizing those who do not with a "tax' leaves citizens in the same position as if the mandate were justified under the Commerce Clause."

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