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It is time for us to have the courage to take a hard look at the fundamental ways our state is operating and make the necessary changes. There are three main issues before us that drive everything else. The first of course is jobs. This district has not had any leadership when it comes to promoting, retaining, or attracting businesses. We need to look at the fairness of the uniform application of the B & O Tax, changing state law so that local jurisdictions can create TIF districts, and elect people that create and not pontificate. Secondly we need to get serious about education in this state. Throwing money at the problem does not equate to success for students. Competition in the form of charter schools, vouchers, and measurable results for students, teachers, and administrators will be a good start. And of course reform state government. If it can be done at the same quality level or better at a lower price outside the state walls of Olympia, then the state should not be involved.With Republican leadership in the State House we can balance the budget on time without special session after special session. It is time for leadership and new ideas, and with your help we can make it morning again in America...starting right here in the 35th District.

*Work to create a more friendly business environment so that Washington remains competitive.

*Improve our state's infrastructure so that our ports are better served and we do not lose our competitive edge.

*Make the tough choices with the state budget to ensure that only state essential services are done by the state.

*Prioritize the functions within the state's education system so that our children receive the finest education in the nation.

*We need to take a hard look at how our businesses are taxed and the fairness of the uniform application of the B & O tax.

*Promote and defend property rights of individuals and businesses.

*We need leadership in the House and not special session after special session.

*Ensure that unfunded mandates are not placed on our local government units.

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