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Issue Position: Term Limits

Issue Position

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I really, really don't like professional career politicians. I think it goes against what our founding fathers envisioned. The same people, with the same approach, gets the same results. We need new people, new vision, new ideas, new JOBS.

Next year, regardless of whether our State is frugal or not, we will be facing a budget crisis of almost 1.5 BILLION dollars. No matter how carefully we spend our hard earned Tennessee tax dollars, we will still be in an almost 1.5 BILLION dollar hole ! Did you think Nationalized Health Care was free ? The piper must be paid, and anybody with a lick of common sense knows that nothing is free. Do you have any idea what a deficit this large will mean to our local community next year if the State has to pass down some of the cuts ? Can you see our county and city budgets next year ? Can you imagine our education budget then ? How about being able to maintain our roads ? Can you see how the pressure will be intense for tax increases at the State and local level next year ? And folks, this Federal tax bill won't just disappear after next year either. Getting the picture ?

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