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Issue Position: HB 386: Tax Reform

Issue Position

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The tax reform bill will benefit Georgia families and business and passed with strong bipartisan support. A few of the highlights from the tax reform package include:


Eliminates the "birthday tax" & "sales tax" on motor vehicles, you will only pay a onetime title fee.

Reinstates a sales tax holiday for school supplies and energy efficient items.

Eliminates the "marriage penalty" by increasing the personal exemption for married couples by $2,000 on joint income tax returns and $1,000 each on separate returns.


E-Fairness eliminates the advantage that out-of-state businesses had and treats them the same as our own Georgia businesses.

Eliminates the state sales tax on the cost of energy used in manufacturing. Levels the playing field as all other southeastern states do not have a sales tax on energy. This is key to attracting new businesses such as Caterpillar.

Revise taxes on agriculture helping to keep food prices from rising.


A product of East Cobb schools, Matt understands the importance of our schools to the community. He is a strong voice at the Capitol with a rock solid record. Here are just a few of the highlights from this year's budget:

Pre-K fully funds operating in the Georgia Pre-K program for 170 days of instruction

K-12: schools will receive $112 million to fully fund enrollment growth and teacher training and experience. K-12 was also appropriated $166.8 in bond funding for construction, vocational equipment and new school buses.

Higher Education: Appropriates $93 million to fund a 3% growth in enrollment, in addition to health insurance needs.

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