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Tim Kaine Statement on 40th Anniversary of Title IX


Location: Richmond, VA

Former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine released the following statement today in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Title IX:

"Over the past 40 years, Title IX has changed the face of American sports and literally leveled the playing field for women athletes. By ending gender discrimination in our schools we expanded opportunities for millions of young women to engage in athletics and competition, and opened doors to their future success. Through sports and athletics, young people develop valuable skills like leadership, teamwork and healthy lifestyles that enhance their future. And it's worked. When President Nixon signed Title IX into law, fewer than 300,000 American women competed in high school sports. Today that number is 3.2 million with another nearly 200,000 playing at the college level.

"But more importantly, Title IX was a clear statement of fact that we would no longer tolerate roadblocks to opportunity for women in athletics or otherwise. Title IX ensured young women in school were given the same resources and materials to pursue any field including math, science, and technology, and that they had the same protections in schools and on campuses from discrimination or harm. These were tangible changes that helped tap the talents of generations of women and have led to the attainment of more college degrees than ever before. As a father, I've seen firsthand the positive impacts of advancements in educational equality for not only my daughter, but also my sons. Today is cause to celebrate that progress and commit ourselves to the goal of continuing to expand athletic and educational opportunities for all our young people."

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