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Congressman Heck Wants Obama To Focus On Fuel Prices

Press Release

Location: Las Vegas, NV

While President Obama was in Nevada promoting his expensive, long term plans for alternative energy, the campaign of Congressman Joe Heck reminded Nevadans that, while alternative energy sources are something to be considered for the long term, soaring gas prices are the greatest energy challenge facing the people of Nevada and America.

"The President is touting his alternative approach to energy at a time when the average price for gas and for diesel fuel is over $4 per gallon," said Paul Enos, of the Nevada Trucking Association in a release sent out by the Heck Campaign. "Our industry is facing great challenges because the cost of fuel has increased so dramatically in the past four years."

"Burdensome regulations and unreasonable restrictions on energy production are costing the people of Nevada and the businesses of Nevada every day," Enos said. "While developing alternative energy sources is important for the long term, we agree with Congressman Joe Heck that now, especially while our economy is struggling, the President and the nation need to be focused on efforts that will bring down gas prices."

Like the rest of the nation, Nevada drivers have seen the price of gas skyrocket from the $1.80 a gallon it cost when Obama took office. The Heck release said the Congressman supports an "all of the above" approach to developing energy supplies but believes increasing domestic oil production has to remain a key to reducing the cost of gas.

Congressman Heck also supports development of alternative sources such as natural gas, wind, geothermal, solar and hydropower. The Congressman last year introduced and helped pass H.R. 470, the Hoover Power Allocation Act, increasing access to low cost efficient renewable hydropower, and has supported amendments and legislation to increase renewable energy production on federal land.

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