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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Vision for Education

I believe that the American public education system, from pre-kindergarten classrooms to university campuses, has been and continues to be the great engine of our democracy and our national prosperity. As your congresswoman, I will fight for quality public schools that will continue our long tradition of educating a responsible and industrious citizenry. I will fight to ensure that your children have access to a top-notch and affordable college education or appropriate job training program.

Public Schools

Every day, we are told our public schools are failing our children. I believe we are failing our public schools. I know that my school teachers worked tirelessly to prepare me for success in life, and that I could not have achieved what I have without their extraordinary devotion. My child's teachers shared the same passion, as do so many of the teachers I have met during this campaign. They deserve our support, not our scorn.

Instead of throwing our hands up in despair every time we see high dropout rates and low-test scores, we must redouble our efforts to ensure that all children are at least given the opportunity to succeed. Mick Mulvaney proposes to cut and run: reduce the Department of Education to rubble, cut funding for schools that need it the most, and surrender our common responsibility to our children. I do not understand this strange impulse to look for a few life preservers instead of trying to save the ship.

Higher Education

As the world becomes smaller, as our children find themselves in competition not only with their neighbors but with children from Germany, China, India and beyond, they will need every advantage to preserve America's preeminent standing in the world. I believe the key to our future national success depends on producing the smartest, most well-prepared work force in the world. Mick Mulvaney has shown he is not up to that job. I am. I will keep our nation strong by making sure we have the best-educated citizenry. That means access to affordable colleges or high-quality technical and industrial training. It means more funding for Pell grants, low-interest rate Stafford loans, and the GI Bill.

Education: Our Past and Our Future

Our nation was founded as a shining city on a hill, and education has always been the source of that light. We must ensure that that light does not dim, and that the United States of America continues to shine brightly across the world stage. As your congresswoman, I will never stop fighting for our children and for our future.

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