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Embarrassing Fear Tactics from Congressman Critz

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Unfortunately it looks like politics as usual from the Critz campaign. Instead of an upfront debate on what is best for our country, Congressman Critz would apparently rather promote class warfare, lies, smears, and fear against the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania. He is underestimating the people of PA-12, here's what challenger Keith Rothfus had to say:

"It is offensive that Congressman Critz is trying to deceive voters with his fear campaign. When he had the opportunity to stand with seniors, he failed us and decided to stand with President Obama and his takeover of our healthcare instead. Because he failed us, $500 billion could be cut from Medicare in the following years, severely hurting seniors' chances for care. It is Congressman Critz who already has the record of failing our seniors; I will fight to save Medicare."

Let's take a look at just a couple of Congressman Critz's false claims…

CRITZ FALSE CLAIM #1: "Keith Rothfus wants to end Medicare as we know it."

THE TRUTH: Unfortunately, Congressman Critz is once again deceiving the voters of PA-12. Here are the facts: Congressman Critz sided with President Obama and voted to keep in place the President's takeover of our healthcare system. Obamacare is what ends Medicare as we know it; it guts the program of $500 billion in funding at the same time the Medicare population is set to increase by 42%. Keith Rothfus is dedicated to protecting and strengthening Medicare for this and future generations. Keith Rothfus will put the people of Southwestern PA first and fight to repeal Obamacare to protect Medicare, not fight to protect President Obama as Congressman Critz has done.

CRITZ FALSE CLAIM #2: "Mark Critz is fighting to cut wasteful government spending and reduce our debt."

THE TRUTH: We're sorry, but this one is just embarrassing. Congressman Critz has failed to take any serious action to cut federal government spending, get our fiscal house in order, or reduce the debt. He voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time while her leadership increased federal spending by 25% and plunged our country into debt. He continues to vote for continuing resolutions that further our debt crisis. Congressman Critz has failed the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania and has continued to ask us to hold China's water as we are forced to borrow 42 cents on every dollar spent. Enough is enough.

Rothfus concluded, "I think we've all had enough of political smear campaigns and politicians using fear against their constituents. It's time to return government to the people and empower the working men and women of Southwestern Pennsylvania. I believe they deserve representation that believes in them, not looks to deceive them for political gain."

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