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Keith Rothfus Calls on Mark Critz to Join Him in Endorsing Mitt Romney for President

Press Release

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Keith Rothfus, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District, has called on Democrat congressman Mark Critz to join him in endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

"Since we know Congressman Critz voted with Nancy Pelosi's leadership 95% of the time and has sided with President Obama 70% of the time, deciding to join me may look a bit hypocritical," said Rothfus. "But if you've been watching the congressman's recent frantic attempts to run from his record and his allegiance with President Obama, it only seems like the next logical step."

Recently, the congressman delivered some half-hearted criticism of President Obama's outlook on the state of the economy and has said he will skip the Democrat National Convention.

"The current representative of the 12th district is trying to fool his own constituents because for him, politics comes first," said Rothfus. "If Congressman Critz truly believes that President Obama's statements on the state of the economy were out of touch, he should waste no time in issuing an endorsement of Mitt Romney."

Rothfus said he believes Critz's recent actions belie his actual voting record in Congress, considering that he refused to repeal the Medicare-busting Obamacare law and voted to protect it a total of 20 times. Similarly, when faced with the prospect of curtailing our national debt, Congressman Critz wrote a letter supporting a clean increase in the debt ceiling without commensurate budget cuts.

"I call on Congressman Critz to join me in endorsing Governor Romney for president," concluded Rothfus. "Of course, if Congressman Critz chooses to join me in endorsing Mitt Romney, he would have a lot of explaining to do to the voters of his district. He would need to explain not only his support for Obamacare, but also his support for President Obama's liberal economic policies that have resulted in 40 straight months of unemployment above 8% and four straight years of trillion dollar deficits."

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