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Together, We Won!!!


Location: Unknown


It has been exactly one week since we achieved a stunning victory in Congressional District 31 that has created a buzz across our nation. Our success has guaranteed that Nancy and the Democrats hope to take back the house would not start in the Inland Empire. Together, WE DID IT!!!!

First, let me start by saying I am very humbled and thankful for all of the support we have had from our friends and neighbors here in the 31st. Now it is time for all of us to come together to fix our nation's serious problems so that jobs and economic prosperity can return to San Bernardino County. I am ready to continue that fight on the road to November.

We saw four weeks ago that if we ran a positive campaign, we could squeeze the Democrats out of this race. And we did just that. We ran a positive campaign about the real issues in our community and the real solutions that will bring our jobs back, protect the value of our homes and ensure that our schools get back to the top so that we can best prepare our future leaders, innovators and job creators.

Moving towards November, we have an advantage no one else in this race will have: the best, most dedicated volunteers who will make sure our goal to create new jobs, fight higher taxes and beat back the growing trend of increased Washington over-regulation on our Inland Empire way of life.

Thank You and God Bless,

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