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Montana Chamber of Commerce Backs Daines State's Largest Business Group Cites Daines' Ideas for Job Creation

Press Release

Location: Bozeman, MT

Bozeman businessman Steve Daines received the endorsement of the Montana Chamber of Commerce today, citing his experience in the private sector and his ideas for creating jobs. This endorsement is an echo of the support given to Daines by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in April.

"I am pleased that the Montana Chamber of Commerce has endorsed our campaign for More Jobs and Less Government," said Daines. "Montanans and The Chamber understand the importance of electing experienced job creators who know how to solve problems."

The Chamber's endorsement of Daines, a 28-year private sector businessman, emphasizes a sentiment shared by citizens throughout Montana and America -- Washington needs more proven job creators. Daines holds that experience having created hundreds of high paying jobs in his home state of Montana.

The Chamber endorsed candidates in every statewide race, both Republicans and Democrats. They had the following to say about Daines:

"In the U.S. House race, the board chose to endorse businessman Steve Daines [...] due to his extensive experience in the private sector and his ideas for job creation."

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