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Public Statements - Congressional Candidate Daines Campaigns at GOP Convention

News Article

Location: Missoula, MT

By Unknown

It's the state GOP convention in Missoula this week, and Republican candidate for U.S. Congress Steve Daines said he knows how to create jobs in Montana and balance a budget.

At the Hilton Garden Inn, Daines said he's seeing enthusiasm for change from Montanans concerned about the direction the country is going.

Daines feels federal government needs to become more efficient and start doing more with less.

Daines wants to bring more jobs to the state so those who live and go to school here can stay here and make a living.

"People want to live here, they just can't find jobs here," Daines said. "So we've got all the right incentives, in terms of quality of life, we have to find now...[let's] give incentives to entrepreneurs and job creators to be starting businesses here in Montana, instead of California and outside of our state."

Tomorrow, Former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will be one of the featured speakers at the last day of the convention.

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