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Ohio to Obama and His "Jobs Ambassador" Betty Sutton: You're Out of Touch, Out of Ideas and Out of Time

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Today, as President Obama campaigned in northeast Ohio, begging voters for a do-over on, well, everything--he was joined by one of his most loyal rubber stamps in Congress, career politician Betty Sutton. On practically every major item of the Obama economic agenda, from the failed "stimulus" bill to Obama Care to the fastest accumulation of debt in American history--Betty Sutton has been there for Obama. And she was there again for him today, sitting in the front row and cheering him on has he recycled the same tired talking points and doubled down on the same reckless ideas that have eviscerated our economy.

As it turns out, not only does Betty Sutton share Obama's commitment to continuing these failed fiscal policies, she also shares his estranged relationship with the commitments they've made to American families.

While President Obama promised to fix the economy and cut the deficit, Betty Sutton declared herself the "Jobs Ambassador" to northeast Ohio. Years later, here's what President Obama and his "Jobs Ambassador" Betty Sutton have delivered:

· 6 million more Americans living in poverty since 2009 (U.S. Census Bureau, 9/13/11)
· A record 46 million Americans now on food stamps (Department Of Agriculture, 2/1/12)
· A $15.7 Trillion national debt (
· More than 20 million Americans out of work or underemployed (Bureau of Labor Statistics June, 2012)
· The smallest workforce in 30 years (Chicago Tribune, May 5, 2012)
· A 40% drop in median household net worth in just three years (

Despite this economic death spiral, President Obama announced last week that America's private sector is "doing fine." And by standing with him again today and continuing to back his broken agenda, Betty Sutton appears to agree that our economy is in fact, "doing fine."

"For nearly four years, Barack Obama and his self-proclaimed "jobs ambassador' Betty Sutton have taken our country on a stagecoach to economic Hell, and we've had enough. The Obama-Sutton economy has been defined by crippling unemployment and trillions in new debt, and by doubling down on these same disastrous policies, it's clear that Betty Sutton and Barack Obama are out of touch, out of ideas and now they're out of time. Now is the time for Washington to finally implement fiscal sanity and pro-growth policies targeted at our private sector economy, and to say goodbye to the fatigue and failure brought to us by Barack Obama and Betty Sutton," Jim Renacci said today.

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