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Reid Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Decision


Location: Washington, DC

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down three out of the four provisions of Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law.

"The Supreme Court was right to strike down the vast majority of the Arizona law. With three out of the four provisions being struck down, the ruling shows that the Obama administration was right to challenge this law, which was not just ill-advised but also unconstitutional.

"I am greatly concerned that the provision putting American citizens in danger of being detained by police unless they carry their immigration papers at all times will lead to a system of racial profiling. This is a strong reminder that ultimately, the responsibility for fixing our nation's broken immigration system lies with Congress. President Obama's decision to defer deportation of young people brought here through no fault of their own was necessary precisely because Republicans have so far refused to work with Democrats on forging common-sense solutions to our immigration challenge that are fair, tough and practical. Immigration reform should continue securing our borders; punish unscrupulous employers who exploit immigrants and undercut American wages; pass the DREAM Act; and require the 11 million who are undocumented to register with the government, learn English, pay fines, pay taxes and go to the end of the line to legalize their status.

"Looking ahead to the immigration debate, it is disturbing that Mitt Romney called the unconstitutional Arizona law a "model' for immigration reform. Laws that legalize discrimination are not compatible with our nation's ideals and traditions of equal rights, and the idea that such an unconstitutional law should serve as a "model' for national reform is far outside the American mainstream."

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