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Issue Position: LINDSEY TIPPINS -- Conservative. Accountable. Accessible.

Issue Position

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Lindsey Tippins is a successful businessman, having owned and operated Tippins Contracting Co. for over 40 years. He brought common sense leadership to the Cobb School Board (1997-2008) and his frugal management helped to better prepare the school system for the budget crunch they are now facing.

Now Lindsey wants to bring the same kind of fiscal responsibility and accountability to state government. His extensive experience as a business owner and a public servant will provide the conservative experience a seasoned businessman can offer in contrast to a practicing lawyer.

Lindsey believes the economy, creation of new jobs, illegal immigration, and education of our children must be top priorities. He believes:

Government should be forced to live within its means and balance its budget

Government programs must be reassessed, prioritized and funded according to available resources

The private sector must be empowered through incentives to be able to help create new jobs that will restore a strong economy

The outflow of jobs to foreign soil must be stopped while economically viable businesses must be recruited to our state

Our borders must be secured and the current illegal immigration dilemma must be addressed with Arizona type legislation

K-12 education must be fully funded to assure Georgia maintains a competitive workforce

Lindsey is a supporter of the Fair Tax, Second Amendment Rights and the Sanctity of Life.

Lindsey Tippins has proven himself as an effective, conservative and honest voice of the people. Lindsey is a responsive and accessible leader that will respectfully listen to our concerns and be there when we need him most.

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