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Issue Position: Budget

Issue Position

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We're facing some tight economic times, not just here in Florida, but nationally. For Florida government that means there is less money than there was before. That means that we have to take a tough look at how government spends the taxpayers' money.

I think we can all agree that the last thing you want to do when times are tight is to have government raise taxes. It takes money away from families and small businesses that need that money a lot more than government does.

The Florida Legislature isn't the US Congress; it can't spend more than it has. That's a good thing. I wish the folks in Washington would follow our example.

When times are tight and there is less money, we have to be fiscally responsible and government needs to do what every family does‐ set real priorities, make tough choices on how to spend the money it does have and live within its means.

So we in the Florida House didn't cry and complain about it; we rolled our sleeves up and did what we always said we would do:

I kept my word that I wouldn't support raising taxes and that we wouldn't expand gambling to pay the bills. Together with my fellow Representatives, I did what I promised; I helped reduce spending and balanced the budget responsibly, and I will continue to do so.

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