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Domestic Energy and Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. LEE of California. Let me thank the gentleman for yielding and for your tremendous leadership on this issue. Of course I rise in strong opposition to the rule and also the bill.

This so-called Domestic Jobs and Energy Act is yet another example of how the Tea Party-led House is wasting the American people's time by passing legislation that will never become law.

This unconscionable wish list for Big Oil contains dangerous provisions that would irresponsibly expand drilling on public lands, roll back policies to provide for safe and responsible energy production in the United States, and it will endanger our public health by blocking important public health safeguards under the Clean Air Act. Gutting the Clean Air Act will not lower gas prices, but it will hurt the health of millions of Americans.

Madam Speaker, we need a real jobs agenda, not another massive giveaway to Big Oil. We must pass the American Jobs Act, invest in our infrastructure, increase job training efforts, and strengthen our safety net. We should support the economy and create jobs by investing in the American people.


Ms. LEE of California. In conclusion, this Congress must ensure that our Nation's safety net is a bridge that is strong enough to deliver us all--even the most vulnerable--over these troubled waters. This giveaway to Big Oil will not do that. We need to protect the public health of the American people.


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