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Each e-update I will answer a question submitted by a recipient of the previous e-update or from someone who contacts my office directly.

Question: There have been rumblings in the Chippewa Valley Area that your long term plan for state land (Public Hunting) areas would be to turn them over to private organizations for deer management. Furthermore, it was suggested that these management organizations would charge a fee to use these lands that the state already owns. Can you please address this and ease our minds once and for all?

Answer: As long as I am Governor, hunting on public land in Wisconsin will always be open and accessible. I will not allow private organizations to take over deer herd management -- and I would certainly not allow fees to be levied that would decimate Wisconsin's hunting heritage.

These rumors started because the independent deer trustee, Dr. Kroll, will be coming out with a final report on the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) deer herd management practices in the near future. Dr. Kroll dispelled this rumor directly -- you can hear from him by clicking here.

I look forward to reviewing Dr. Kroll's independent, science-based analysis of the DNR's current deer herd management policies. I am optimistic that his recommendations could help improve current policies and ultimately help restore the trust of Wisconsin's sportsmen and sportswomen.

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