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UW Flexible Degree


Location: Madison, WI

Today Governor Walker delivered the weekly radio address that is titled "UW Flexible Degree."

Transcript below:
Hi I'm Scott Walker.

As I've traveled the state and talked to job creators from all areas I often hear a similar story: they tell me jobs are available, but they can't find skilled workers to fill the positions.

This week I was proud to rollout, with the support of the leadership of the University of Wisconsin System, a new degree model that will help close this skills gap and get more people back to work.

The new UW flexible degree will be a knowledge-based model that allows students to start classes anytime and earn credit for what they already know. Students will be able to demonstrate college-level competencies based on material they already learned in school, on the job, or on their own. By taking advantage of a high quality, flexible degree students will be able to accelerate their careers, effectively lowering the cost of higher education.

As states across the country work to improve access and affordability to college, this new initiative will place Wisconsin at the forefront of a new frontier in higher education.

Because of the support of the UW System we expect to make this program available online to students as soon as the fall of this year.

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