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Serrano Applauds Ambassador Aponte Vote


Location: The Bronx, NY

Congressman José E. Serrano today issued the following statement on the Senate vote to finally move to confirm Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte as ambassador to El Salvador.

"Ambassador Aponte today was treated with the dignity and respect that she deserved," said Congressman Serrano. "I applaud the Senate for ending the filibuster against this fine candidate. Ambassador Aponte is extremely well-qualified and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has the skills and the temperament to serve as our nation's top diplomatic representative to El Salvador. Today's vote shows that despite the past roadblocks thrown up by opponents, Ambassador Aponte's qualifications and resume have won out over their partisan concerns.

"During her time as the recess-appointment ambassador to El Salvador, Ambassador Aponte served with distinction. The Senate Republicans' filibuster of her nomination was based on very shaky pretenses, and greatly distressed our community, who looked to Ambassador Aponte as one of our most qualified foreign relations experts. She answered all their concerns with forthrightness and clarity during her nomination hearings, and it later became clear that partisan forces focused on issues beyond her qualifications were at work. It was a sad day to see such an outstanding nominee treated with such blatant partisanship.

"I congratulate Ambassador Aponte on this important step forward and applaud her fortitude in tolerating the treatment that she underwent in this process. As Puerto Ricans and Americans, we are proud to know that we will have her represent our nation abroad and look forward to the fine work she will do on our behalf."

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