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Serrano: "New Immigration Policy Is More Decent, Humane"


Location: The Bronx, NY

Congressman José E. Serrano today issued a statement in support of President Obama's move to stop deporting immigrant children and to allow them to stay in the country and continue school and work.

"Today President Obama moved our nation toward a more fair, decent and humane deportation policy," said Congressman Serrano. "Children who were brought here at a young age bear no blame for the decisions their parents made, and to deport them was unreasonable and unfortunate. Now we will see these children able to apply to stay in the country to go to school and work. He has taken the basic premise of the DREAM Act, and made it Administration policy. This is a huge step towards a realistic immigration policy.

"The children who will benefit from this new policy will be able to contribute to our society in countless ways. They will now not have to fear that they will be sent back to countries that they sometimes don't even remember. We are bringing close to 800,000 children out of the shadows, out of fear, and out of a life under threat of deportation.

"President Obama deserves great praise for making this decision. He is standing up to the anti-immigrant forces that would deport everyone without regard to circumstance. President Obama is standing up for what is right, what is decent, and what is fair. He is also making a decision that is in the best interests of our nation in the short- and long-run. These immigrant children will add so much to our nation as have so many immigrants before them.

"On behalf of the many children and families in our community who will benefit from this decision, I say to President Obama, "thank you.'" We are grateful and we look forward to working to pass comprehensive immigration reform to fix the status issues of the rest of the community. In the meantime, we have just seen a tremendous weight lifted from the shoulders of many children and families. The President did the right thing."

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