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Serrano Responds to Supreme Court Decision in Arizona v. United States


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman José E. Serrano responded to the Supreme Court's decision in Arizona v. United States. Serrano called the decision a "partial victory in our immigration debate," but remained very concerned that allowing implementation of Section 2(B) will result in racial profiling.

"Today is a partial victory in our immigration debate," said Serrano. "Much of Arizona's immigration law is designed to keep undocumented immigrants in the shadows of our society, and I was heartened to see several extremely onerous provisions were overturned. Immigration policy is an area of law that the federal government has already spoken on, and States should not attempt to add a patchwork of additional burdensome and troubling policies. The Court has spoken clearly today against States attempting to undermine federal immigration laws."

"I remain deeply concerned that Section 2(B) of Arizona's law was allowed to stand. It is my belief that this section of the law will lead to rampant racial profiling, and that it is clearly unconstitutional. However, this provision is currently being challenged in court on those other constitutional grounds, and the Court warned that construction of this provision may bring it into conflict with federal immigration laws. I believe it is inevitable that this provision will eventually be overturned, and I know that those of us who advocate for fair and just immigration policies will continue to fight against it.

"I believe that the lasting impact of this ruling is that it shows the continued need for comprehensive immigration reform, and a more humane and just immigration policy. Congress needs to step up to the plate on this issue."

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