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Turner And Miller Announce Glendale Zip Code Resolution

Press Release

Location: New York, NY

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) and Assemblyman Michael Miller (D-38) revealed the United States Postal Service's decision to grant Glendale a "Preferred Last Line" distinction, after numerous past attempts. The initial resolution will allow the Post Office to differentiate Glendale from Ridgewood.

"For several months, Assemblyman Miller and I have been working to address an issue that has plagued this community for many years - the lack of a unique zip code for Glendale," said Congressman Turner. "Today we are here to announce that the Postal Service has finally heard our message and is making some changes."

On May 22nd, Congressman Turner and an aide to Assemblyman Miller presented USPS District Manager Frank Calabrese with a formal application requesting a unique zip code for Glendale along with a letter of support from Glendale/Ridgewood community organizations, local businesses, and a petition from over 1,000 residents seeking this action. Though the Postal Service denied the request for a unique zip code, they agreed to grant Glendale with a "Preferred Last Line" distinction which will provide Glendale with some long-sought sense of unique community identity.

Assemblyman Miller, a resident of Glendale who knows firsthand the type of problems that have occurred as a result of the shared zip code, was also encouraged by the new development.

"I have lived in this community since I was a child and, in that time, my neighbors and I have struggled with getting our community acknowledged. Whether using mail services, shopping online, or using GPS devices in our cars, Glendale has struggled to achieve the unique recognition it deserves. Today, we are able to support Glendale's unique character," Assemblyman Miller said.

Although Turner and Miller are happy to share the progress made on this issue, they believe there is still a need for Glendale to have its own zip code.

"While this is not the desired overall outcome we had hoped for, the inclusion of Glendale as "Preferred last Line' is a step in the right direction for this cause," said Turner. "A cause Assemblyman Miller and I intend to keep pushing."

Turner and Miller have the option to appeal the decision with the National Service Headquarters on behalf of Glendale residents which they say they will do. They believe that the vacant 11384 zip code can be used to serve Glendale.

"We have finally made some progress to alleviate the hassles associated with this joint zip code and to give Glendale the unique identity it deserves," Turner Continued. "But, there is still a great deal to be done. We will continue to fight to correct this ongoing issue for the residents of Glendale."

The USPS has agreed to make modifications to its Postal Software program to include Glendale as a "Preferred Last Line". This means the USPS will recognize Glendale as a "preferred community name for the identified area", finally creating a unique sense of postal identity for Glendale. Now a business, medical provider, or family member can write Glendale, instead of Ridgewood on an envelope or package and be assured that it will reach its destination in a timely manner.

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